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Surge Guard


shore power electric

cord in mouse hole

shore power electric

cord in mouse hole

Shore Power and Outlets

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electric shore power, outlest, surge protector

Electric Shore Power

• MP63

• Shore power is the name for power supplied by a utility company that you plug into to provide power to your Roadtrek MP66

• The shore power cord is located on the driver's side, in the large middle compartment. See Outside your Roadtrek for

location. MP63

• See Site Set Up for use of shore power

• To connect to external (shore) power, open the side compartment and remove the power cord.

Plug the power cord into the campsite 30 amp power source. MP63

The switchover from shore power to inverter is automatic, as is battery charging. As soon as your inverter/charger


power coming in, it will start charging the coach batteries. MP63

• Articles

Charging the Roadtrek Batteries (Setting up shore power)

Outlets MP63

• The outlets are operated from the inverter, generator, or shore power. Further, the outlets are protected by GFCI. Only some

of the outlets are powered by the standard 750 watt inverter.

Surge Protector

• See supplies.

• Surge Guard Model 44260, 120V, 30Amp, 2100 Joules

Instructions online

Instructions .pdf

Verify all three top LED indicator lights are ON, This indicates you have good electrical power at the campground


The bottom LED light must be ON to have surge protection; If the bottom LED indicator is OF, there is no surge