KJ and KB 2015 Roadtrek 190 Popular


Daily Stop / Camp Site Set Up / Arriving

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• This makes your hookup procedure a five minute process - park in a level spot and plug in. Maybe hook up the cable TV,

too, if they have it at the campsite It's a different philosophy because most large RVs plunk down and don't move once they

get to a campsite MP94

Order of Chores

• If dumping at Daily Stop and macerator works on battery, dump and stow dump system first.

• Fill or connect fresh water system second, to avoid contact with electrical system and with dump system.

• Connect electrical system last to avoid contact with water and with dump system.


Dump waste water if necessary.

Fill fresh water tanks and/or

• connect to city water if desired. See City Pressurized Water in Fresh Water. The advantage of connecting to city water

is silencing the water pump -- for you and your neighbors.

• Connect Shore Power

Turn the electricity OFF at the campground electrical pole.

Attach surge protector to campground electrical pole, turn ON the electricity at the pole, and test with the surge

protector by

confirming all three surge protector lights are on green.If the electricity is approved by the surge protector,

turn the electricity OFF at the pole. If the electricity is NOT approved by the surge protector, change campsites.

Feed fixed electric cord thru 'mouse" cord hole near driver rear tire; you may have to open the mouse hole cover.

Attach electrical extension cord to fixed cord.

Attach electrical extension cord to surge protector at the pole.

• Turn on electricity at the poe and again confirm all three surge protector lights on green.

Confirm that an AC appliance (like the mircowave) is on.


• After plug in, set Refrig to AC shore power mode.

• Turn ON Battery Disconnect Switch.