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Before you head out


Your new Roadtrek is ready to go with just a little bit of preparation.

Prepare for your trip

• Skim manuals and get reacquainted with procedures.

• Update our RV website.

• Inspect RV and contact dealer with any questions or for service.

• Inspect hoses and electric cords and outside supplies

• Check batteries, lights,

• Plan your trip route

• Check Supply Lists and update

• Update pet emergency cards and online emergency data.

The day before your trip

• Charge your batteries by plugging in overnight.

• Cool your refrigerator by turning it on.

• Chill any beverages in your home refrigerator.

• Fill your fresh water tank with clean tap water.

• [Set your fresh water tank selector and fresh water tank isolator to Summer Mode or Winter Mode.]

The day of the trip

• Load the refrigerator with cold food (from your home refrigerator)

Preparing your home for your trip

• Advise family of itinerary

• Advise neighbors who watch house

• Leave key and security codes

? Advise local police

• Arrange lawn care and weather care.

• Secure jewelry and valuable items.

- NOT: Have USPO hold or forward mail.

• Make full back-up of all computers

• Clean and set house frig.

• Turn off ice maker.

• Set thermostat and hot water heater.

• Unplug appliances.

• Set light timers.

• Lock windows and doors.