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Coming Home


When you come home, there are a few maintenance tasks you should do to get your Roadtrek ready to go for next time.

Refer to other sections in this manual for the procedures listed here.

• On your way home, dump the gray and black tanks at a convenient facility.

• At home, flush the water tanks and fill them with fresh chlorinated water if you will be using it in the next few days.

• Otherwise, drain the tanks. Don't let water you are planning to use sit in your tanks for more than a week or so,

and don't let ANY water sit in your tanks for more than two weeks, whether you plan on using it or not. Over time,

the chlorine goes away, and the microbes come out to play.

To flush the tanks, fill both of them using the gravity fills in the driver's doorframe and rear passenger side

doorframe,make sure the tank isolator valve is open, and open the fresh water tank drain under the rear of the

driver's doorstep. It may take an hour or so for all the water from the rear (internal) tank to drain out through the

front tank - you can speed the process by putting the tank selector valve on the internal tank, turning on the

water pump, and opening the outside shower faucet.

• Turn off and clean out  and defrost the refrigerator and prop the door open to let it air out

Turn OFF two important switches to keep from draining your batteries.

• the battery disconnect switch on your monitor panel

• the inverter switch, either on your monitor panel

• Plug in overnight to fully charge batteries.

• If you don't have solar panels, it would be prudent to check your coach battery state of charge every month

or so and charge them if necessary.

That's it! You're ready for the next trip.