KJ and KB 2015 Roadtrek 190 Popular

Battery Disconnect


Inverter Switch

Water Pump Switch

Water Heater Switch

and LIght

120V AC Breakers

12V DC Fuses

Monitor Panel

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Monitor Panel Location

• The monitor panel is located inside the side door, above the doorframe to the left of the bathroom. MP64

• The monitor panel is located inside the side door, above the doorframe MP88

Battery Disconnect Switch

[... which is actually the Battery Connect Switch, ON connects the battery]

• MP 64, MP88

• The battery disconnect switch has a blue indicator light to the right of it to show you when the battery power is on.


• The monitor panel controls 2 separate power sources; the 12 volt DC power and the 120 volt AC power via the inverter,

shore power, or optional generator. MP64

• The lights, the water pump, the fan, the refrigerator control board, even the igniters for the propane cooktop need 12 volt

power from the batteries. MP88

• The battery disconnect switch provides power to all 12 volt appliances, such as the water pump, the refrigerator, and so

forth. Even the propane cooktop used 12 volt power to run the burner igniters. This switch should be off when you are not

using your Roadtrek, and on whenever you are driving or camping. The "Battery On" light next to it will indicate the

position of the switch. MP59

• When off, it prevents your coach batteries from being drained while the Roadtrek is not in use.

You will hear a "clunk" as the battery disconnect switch is pressed - this is a big relay connecting the coach batteries to the

electrical loads. MP89

• If you hear a clunk-clunk, or nothing at all, it's possible that your batteries are depleted to the point where they cannot

drive the relay. The best way to charge your batteries in this situation is to start your vehicle engine and try again after it has

charged for a while. Once the relay is working, you can continue to charge with the generator or shore power.  MP89


• MP 65, MP89

• Tripp-Lite PowerVerter EMS Series DC to AC Owner's Manual in .pdf

• Inverter/Chargers provide your equipment with utility- or generator-supplied AC electricity (filtered through premium

ISOBAR® surge protection) whenever AC is available. In addition, your Inverter/Charger automatically powers your 12V DC

system and recharges your connected battery bank. Manual

• Your Inverter/Charger does not require routine maintenance. Do not open the device for any reason. There are no user

serviceable parts inside. Manual

• The Inverter provides 120 volt AC (household current) to the 120 volt appliances and wall outlets. MP65

• The monitor panel controls 2 separate power sources; the 12 volt DC power and the 120 volt AC power via

the inverter, shore power, or optional generator. MP64

• Just as the battery disconnect switch powers the lights, fan, and other 12 volt electrical loads, the standard inverter takes 12

volt power from your coach batteries and changes it into 120 volt electricity [household electricity] MP89

• The inverter is rated for 750 watts maximum output. Larger loads such as the air conditioner or microwave are too big

to run on the power produced by the inverter, and will not operate unless you plug in to shore power or start your

generator. The inverter will shut off if you try to draw too much power through it. MP89

- The standard configuration includes a 750 watt inverter. This inverter provides 120 volt AC power (household current) for a

few of the outlets in your Roadtrek; primarily the ones running the TV and the DVD player. It is not powerful enough to

operate the air conditioner or the microwave. The inverter is configured at the factory for the batteries and power sources in

your Roadtrek. Please do not change any settings without consulting the factory. MP61

Water Pump Switch

• MP91

• The centered switch to the right of the four leftmost switches is the water pump switch. It should be on only when you

have water in the fresh water tanks and wish to use the sinks, showers, or toilet. The pump should not be run

without water. As with the patio light switch, pressing the top of the button turns the pump on, and pressing the bottom turns

it off. MP91

Water Heater Switch - propane only

• Be sure that the water heater is full of water before turning it on - if water comes out of the hot water faucets when they are opened, the water heater has water in it.

• After turning it on, the red light to the right of the switch will come on for a few seconds, then go off as the burner

ignites. If the light keeps going off and on, your burner is not lighting.

Tank and Battery Levels

• MP68, MP92

• These will give you an approximate reading, to the nearest third, of how much is in each tank. MP68

• Roadtrek recommends that you keep a small amount of water in your gray and black tanks at all times. This will reduce

the likelihood of material sticking to the inside of the tank. MP92

• The four indicator lights for the battery are low, fair, good, and charging. Battery voltage dips under load; the greater the load

the greater the voltage dip. A battery under heavy load will show much lower state than one at rest. MP92

Generator Starter and Meter

Get Generator manual

• To start the generator, first push the bottom of the rocker switch for 5 seconds to PRIME, then push the top of the switch to

START. Allow the generator to run for a couple of minutes before turning on heavy loads such as the air conditioner.

To stop the generator, first shut down all heavy loads, let the generator run for a few minutes to cool down, then press the

STOP (bottom) side of the rocker switch.

• Press the bottom of the switch for about five seconds to prime the generator, then the top to start. Press the bottom again to

turn it off. MP68

Patio Light


Distribution Panel

• MP69

• The distribution panel is located above the side door, just below the monitor panel. The 120 volt AC breakers and the 12 volt

DC fuses are behind a black plastic panel. The breakers and fuses are labeled on the lid, with information about what light or

appliance each breaker or fuse supplies power to. <P69