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Alarms and Warnings

• Propane and CO alarm MP73

SafTAlert RV Combo CO and Gas Alarm Model 35-741, 35-742 User's Manual in .pdf

• The detector runs on 12 volt power, and is operational whenever the battery disconnect switch is on. There is no

separate switch for the detector. There is an indicator light on the detector so that you can tell whether it's working

or not. For this reason, whenever the vehicle is occupied the battery disconnect switch should be on the "on"

position. MP73

• The detector may chirp if the coach batteries are running low. MP73

• The carbon monoxide and propane leak detector is located on the passenger side, near the floor under the TV.

These detectors have a service life, beyond which point they need to be replaced. The detector requires no

maintenance other than periodic replacement MP73

• Activation of this device indicates the presence of CO or propane gas, which can KILL YOU.

➜ If the signal sounds (4 BEEPS AND FLASHING RO SOLID RED LIGHT)

• Operate the Test/Mute button

• Call your emergency local service. Manual

• Smoke Alarm MP72

Universal Smoke & Fire Alarm Model SS775 Manual in .pdf

• The smoke alarm is located to the right of the Monitor Panel. It requires a commonly available 9 volt battery and

periodic replacement of both the battery and the unit as a whole. Please refer to the Owner's Manual for the unit

in your vehicle.

The smoke alarm uses a 9 Volt carbon-zinc battery. The battery should last for at least one year under normal

operating Conditions. The smoke alarm has a low battery indicator, an audible "beep." It will operate at 30-40

second intervals for a minimum of 7 days. When this indication occurs, replace the battery with an Alkaline type

(Eveready Energizer //522, Duracell IIMN1604), Carbon-Zinc type (Gold Peak it1604P, Eveready I/216) from your

local retailer. Manual

• Fire Extinguisher MP72


• Fantastic Vent Fan Model 7350 remote control fan with wall cradle


Fan-tastic Vent Fan Manual in .pdf

• Turn the fan off and close the cover completely before driving. The cover will rattle and might be damaged by

wind pressure if you drive with it open. MP20

• Close all vents when using your Fan-Tastic Vents. Slightly open windows on shaded side of coach afford the

most comfortable ambient air, even on hot days. Remember, you direct the airflow by opening a window.

Always try to position yourself between an open window and the fan for greatest airflow comfort. Any installation

or operating problems call Fan-Tastic Vent toll free immediately, (800) Manual

• Bathroom Fan - The 190 has an exhaust fan in the bathroom. Push up on the white bar to open the vent, and, and turn on

the fan by pushing

the power button. Pull the white bar back down to close it. Do not drive with the vent open. MP32

GFCI Electric Socket

• Hubble GFCI Reciptical in .pdf

• Article Hubbell’s GFCI receptacles meet new requirements, November 20, 2015

• A receptacle  GFCI is different from conventional ground receptacles. In the event of a fault, a GFCI will trip and quickly stop

the flow of electricity to prevent serious injury.

Cargo Carrying Capacity

GET • See the information labels attached to the driver door post, and the inside of the lower galley cabinet door. MP73


• Your vehicle should be reasonably level to allow normal operation of the system.MP44

Am-Safe Commercial Products Coach Couch Seat Belts Information in .pdf

CURRENT Questions

How to we get a copy of the video and the 360 view of the 2015 model when the new model starts?

Is there anything like the Alde Heating System that is an add on?

Is there a way to electrically heat the water?

? The generator cannot run all the appliances at the same time.MP6

? The gasoline powered generator provides up to 2800 watts of power, enough to run all your appliances.MP62