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Domestic Refrigerator for LP-Gas and Electric Operation RM2354 Instructions in .pdf

• Refrigerator 3-way (propane, 12VDC, 120VAC) MP80

• The refrigerator is a 3-way electric and propane model which that runs on DC (battery) power, AC (shore / generator)

power, or propane.

Propane operation allows you to operate your refrigerator for weeks on one tank of propane while boon-docking,

but cannot be used while the vehicle is in motion.

•  Never run your refrigerator on propane while at a gas station. Shut the refrigerator off while at a gas station,

and turn it back on after you pull away from the pumps. To ensure that neither your hot water heater nor your

refrigerator generate dangerous open flames while handling fuel, always turn the battery disconnect switch

OFF when refueling. MP 35

While driving, operate the refrigerator on DC 12 volt power - the vehicle alternator generates more than enough

power to run the refrigerator and keep your batteries charged while driving.

• You can use AC when plugged into shore power when you don't want to use propane unnecessarily.

• Any time the vehicle is parked for several hours with the refrigerator operating, the vehicle should be leveled to prevent this

loss of cooling. The vehicle needs to be leveled only so it is comfortable to live in (no noticeable sloping of floor or walls).

Refrig Manual

• Start Up Instructions. Refrig Manual

A. A continuous 12 volt DC supply must be available for the electronic control to function.

B. Press the main power ON/OFF button (1) to the DOWN position.

C. Press the TEMPERATURE SELECTOR button (4) until the lamp at the desired setting is illuminated.

After the initial start-up, the thermostat should be moved from "COLDEST"

to the desired temperature setting, usually about mid setting.

Mode [For us, just use DC 12v while driving or AC120v when plugged into shore.

DC Mode = Press the DC mode indicator button (2) to turn ON the DC lamp (A) When operating in the

DC mode the DC mode indicator lamp (A) will be illuminated. All other mode lamps will be off. The DC

mode overrides all other operating modes. If one of the other operating modes is desired, the DC

selector button (2) must be pressed to turn OFF the DC lamp (A).

• AUTO MODE [includes AC Mode]

When operating in the AUTO mode, the AUTO mode indicator lamp (D) will illuminate.The control

system will automatically select between AC and GAS operation with AC having priority over GAS.

1. Press the DC mode selector button (2) to turn OFF the DC lamp (A).

2. Press the AUTO/GAS mode selector button (3) (if required) to turn ON the Auto lamp (D).

- If 120 volts AC is available, the AC mode indicator lamp (B) will illuminate indicating AC operation.

• If 120 volts AC is not available, the GAS mode indicator lamp (C) will illuminate and the control

system will automatically switch to GAS operation.

3. If the CHECK indicator lamp (E) illuminates and theGAS mode indicator lamp (C) is off, the controls

have failed to ignite the burner in the GAS mode.GAS operation may be reset by pressing the main

power ON/OFF button (1) to the OFF then ON position.

4. Press the TEMPERATURE SELECTOR button (4) until the lamp at the desired position is illuminate

• To Shut Off The Refrigerator - The refrigerator may be shut off while in any mode of operation by pressing

the main power ON/OFF button to the UP (OFF) position. This shuts off all DC power to the control system.

• Refrig Operations

• The coldest positions in the refrigerator are under the cooling fins and at the bottom of the refrigerator.

The warmer areas are on the upper door shelves.

• Frozen Food Storage Compartment

• Quick frozen soft fruits and ice cream should be placed in the coldest part of the compartment, which is

at the bottom of the aluminum liner.

•  This compartment is not designed for deep or quick freezing of food. Meat or fish, whether raw or prepared, can

be stored in the frozen food storage compartment provided they are pre-cooled first in the refrigerator. They can

be stored about three times longer in the frozen food compartment as compared to the fresh food compartment.

Ice cubes can be made in the freezer compartment. For faster ice making, the trays should be placed in direct

contact with the bottom of the freezer compartment. Ice will be made more rapidly if the thermostat is set at its

highest position. It is a good idea to do this a few hours before the anticipated need for ice, but be sure to move

back to normal setting, usually about mid setting when the ice is formed. Food in the lower compartment may be

frozen if the setting is left on "COLDEST" position.

Defrosting - Shut off the refrigerator by pressing the main power ON/OFF button to the UP (OFF) position. Empty the

refrigerator, leaving the drip tray under the finned evaporator, and the cabinet and freezer doors open. Defrosting time can be

reduced by filling the ice trays with hot water and placing them in the freezer compartment.

Shut- Off (Storage Procedure) - Shut off the refrigerator by pressing the main power ON/OFF button to the UP (OFF)

position.If the refrigerator will not be in operation for a period of weeks, it should be emptied. defrosted, cleaned and the doors

left ajar. The ice trays should also be dried and kept outside the cabinet.

* Measurements

• Total Refrigerated Volume 3 cu ft Refrig Manual

• Refrig freezer

16" s/s

<7" f/b

4.25 to 5" t/b

Domestic Propane Built-in Cooktops and Sinks

Domestic Propane Built-in Cooktops and Sinks in .pdf

• "stove," 2 propane burners MP36

• Manual

Switching off the appliance

Correct use of cooktop

Instructions for long periods of non-operation

Care and cleaning of the appliance



Danby Designer Microwave Owner's Use and Care Guide in .pdf

• ONLY shore power or start your generator. "Larger loads such as the air conditioner or microwave are too big to run on

the power produced by the inverter, and will not operate unless you plug in to shore power or start your generator."

• You must 120V AC power available to use the microwave MP36

- The oven is a standard microwave / convection oven. It operates much the same as the microwave at your house. It is

probably lower powered, so cooking may take a bit longer.

• ... do not heat any liquid for more than 2 minutes per cup. Manual

• How to test fora microwave-safe dish: Manual

1) Place in the oven both the dish you are testing and

a glass measuring cup filled with1 cup of water.

2) Set the measuring cup either in or next to the dish.

3) Microwave 1 minute on high power.

If the dish heats, it should not be used for  microwaving. If the dish remains cool and only the water in the cup heats, then

the dish is microwave-safe.

• Inside Measurements

10" s/s

10" f/b

7" t/b

Domestic Stainless Steel Surfaces in .pdf


• Counter top measurement, not including sink

25.5" length s/s

20.5" width f/b

• Sink measurement, inside

13" length s/s

just less than 9" width f/b

4" deep t/b

- kitchen cabinet

17" t/b

16.5" f/b

14" s/s

• George

17" length s/s

14.5" wide f/b

9.75" height t/b

* George box

18.5 length s/s

15.75" wide f/b

13" height t/b