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Heating / Cooling

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AC heat pump, thermostat, propane furnace, portable electric heater

Air Conditioner / Heat Pump MP54

• Domestic Cool Cat Air Conditioner/Heat Pump; Cool / Furnace / Heat PUMP

• Air Conditioner10,200 BTUs/hour MP80

• The heat pump can provide both heating and cooling for your Roadtrek using electric shore power or generator

power. The heat pump gives you the advantage of heating your unit with electricity if you would prefer to use electricity rather

than the propane the furnace uses. MP55

➜ If you are using the heat pump to air condition while running the generator, please follow the following steps - MP55

• Air Filter - Periodically (a minimum of every 2 weeks of operation) remove the return air filter located behind the return

air grille and wash the filter with soap and warm water, let dry, and then reinstall. NEVER run the air conditioner without the air

filter in place. This will plug the unit evaporator coil with dirt and may substantially degrade the performance of the unit over

time. Thermostat Manual

• Your vehicle should be parked as close to level as possible to maximize the air conditioner’s efficiency. If you are parked

very much off-level, it is possible for condensate to leak into the living space. If this happens park in a more level location.


Thermostat for AC / Heat Pump

•  Domestic Cool Cat Air Conditioner/Heat Pump; Cool / Furnace / Heat PUMP

Single Zone LCD Thermostat Operating Instructions in .pdf

COOL - The THERMOSTAT controls the air conditioning unit. Set the thermostat on "cool" and set the desired

temperature. MP54

- [Actually, the thermostat controls AC AND the heat.]


⁃ Some models also have a small heat strip in the air conditioning which will blow warm air, but this produces

heat directly from electricity and is not recommended for heating the cabin for extended periods of time

unless you are attached to shore power or running the engine [or generator?].  If your unit has the heat strip

option, you can operate it by turning the thermostat to "furnace" and setting the desired temperature.

• You can use the heat pump to warm the motorhome on cool nights. For colder temperatures, below 40°F (4°C),

you should use the propane furnace. MP55

• Heat Pump Operation: This mode of operation is customer chosen and is usually selected when temperatures are below

70 °F and the customer needs warmth in the living space rather than cool down. This reverses the refrigerant flow in

the air conditioner and causes the inside air to dispense warm air rather than cold and the outside air to dispense cold

air rather than warm. This mode of operation creates a dilemma where the outside coil which is now dispensing cold

air can freeze up due to the cold air blowing across the coil mixed with the outside temperature. See more in Manual

• In the Heat Pump Mode the system will cycle the compressor On and Off based on the room air temperature and the

temperature set-point on the Single Zone LCD thermostat. When the system calls for heating there will be a delay of

approximately two minutes. In auto fan, the compressor will turn On first followed by the fan in approximately 15 seconds.


•  For all other circumstances, use the regular heating system [Propane Furnace] to heat the cabin.


⁃ The third setting, "fan", recirculates cabin air using the fan inside the air conditioning unit.

• Modes (from Manual)

To display the Inside Temperature, the Single Zone LCD thermostat  must be in the Off Mode. Press either the

+” or “” button to display the Inside Temperature.

• Off Mode When selected, the LCD will be blank and the Off green LED will  turn on for 15 seconds, then it will turn off.

In the Cool Mode the system will cycle the compressor On and Off  based on the room air temperature and the

temperature set-point on the Single Zone LCD thermostat.. The fan

will turn on first

followed by the compressor in

approximately 2 minutes.

•  In the FURNACE Mode the system will cycle the RV’s furnace On and Off based on the room air temperature and

the temperature set-point on the Single Zone LCD thermostat. If additional indoor air circulation provided by the air

conditioner is not desired during Furnace Mode of operation, select Au  (AUTO) in the Fan Mode to shut the air

conditioner fan off. If Lo (LOW) or Hi (HIGH) is selected the air conditioner fan will continue to operate on the selected


• Compressor Time Delay - A time delay of approximately two minutes occurs any time the compressor is required to begin

the cooling or heat pump cycle. Manual

• Defrost Cycle - During heat pump operation, if the outside coil begins to freeze up, a defrost cycle is initiated that

temporarily puts the heat pump back

into air conditioning mode. This reverses the refrigerant flow and melts the ice forming

on the outside coil. Typically this occurs when the outside temperatures are below 42 °F and repeats every 25 minutes of

compressor run time as long as the outside temperature stays below 42 °F and above 30 °F. Therefore, during this period of

operation you, (the user) will temporarily feel cold air inside the RV at the registers. Manual

Furnace - Heating with Propane Furnace

• MP56

• Furnace16,000 BTUs/hour MP80

• The furnace requires propane and 12V power. The furnace uses minimal electricity compared to the heat pump, and can be

used without shore power or generator use.

• Keep the aisle in front of the furnace clear of any obstructions when using the furnace to allow air circulation.

• The furnace can operate when outside temperatures are below freezing.

➜ "if propane is turned off and RV plugged into shore line, turn on furnace and should heat, so does have electric furnace

heat" Roadtrek phone conversation Wednesday, 25 November, 2015

Portable Electric Heater

• Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Manual in .pdf

• Tue Nov 24, 2015 3:29 pm (PST) Roadtrek Yahoo Listserv

Re: Portable heater: AFCI need

Be very aware that space heaters are continuous ( 3hr or more on) HIGH AMPERAGE devices (13 amps). Do not use a space

heater unattended, do  not continue using a space heater where the wiring near the plug feels  hot- It is the reason ACFI

outlets were invented (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter), required first in bedrooms and now most outlets except where GFCI are

used. An arc fault can be responsible for half of  electrical fires, where the panel breaker is NOT tripped because there  is no

direct solid short to trip it, but high heat is produced due to  resistance in the connection where the prongs or receptacle flats

are  oxidized (look dull and brown), or arcing occurs due to a loose  connection (prongs and hidden receptacle flats are worn),

a worn switch  where you HEAR the arcing, or worse, an improper junction to a back-wired receptacle, corroded terminals

(aluminum wiring especially), or loose / corroded screw connections in a junction or rewired plug. The latter happened to us- a

properly wired replacement plug on a heater with those internal screw connections corroded, caused a high resistance, and

when used for hours in a power strip (rated well enough) melted at the plug and burned the outlet. Other examples of such

overheating can occur  when mice chew on wiring you attach a high amperage flow to, and the

wires can arc without enough short to trip a breaker, or an extension  is frayed when run under a rug with traffic on it, like in an

office at work where chairs were run over it until there was smoke! A nail can be put between wires in a wall that can cause arc

overheating against a  wooden stud.

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