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? The generator cannot run all the appliances at the same time.MP6

? The gasoline powered generator provides up to 2800 watts of power, enough to run all your appliances.MP62


Roadtrek Manual P62

Cummings Onan Generator Manual in .pdf

American RV Company - Cummins Onan 2.8HGJBB-1120A RV QG 2800 Quiet Gasoline 2.8kw Generator Trailer Camper


• The gasoline powered generator provides up to 2800 watts of power, enough to run all your appliances. MP

➜ Please be sure to operate the generator at half load or more (at least 1200 watts, either the heat pump or an electric

heater) for one hour every month. Failure to do this can lead to internal corrosion, gumming up of the float bowl, and

eventual failure. MP62


➜ The generator is NOT compatible with E-85 fuel. If the vehicle is equipped with a generator, avoid the use of

E-85 fuel. MP7

• Use clean, fresh unleaded gasoline having a minimum octane rating (Anti-Knock Index) of 87.

• Ethanol Blend - Not more than 10'

• Methanol Blend - Not more than 5' corrosion inhibitors.

CAUTION: Using gasoline or gasoline additives containing more than 5% methanol can be corrosive to

fuel system components.

Remote Control Panel [on Monitor Panel] GenMan11

1 Control Switch - Used to start and stop the generator set, and to prime the engine fuel system.

• Hold the switch in its Start position to crank and start the generator set.

• Press the switch to the Stop position to stop the generator set.

• Hold the switch in its Stop position to prime the fuel system.

2 Status Indicator - LED in the control switch that blinks rapidly during preheat and cranking. Stays on continuously after

generator set is running. If the generator set shuts down abnormally, the indicator flashes a numerical code to indicate the

cause of the shutdown (see Chapter 5 on page 31).

3 Hour Meter - Records the total running time of the generator set. Cannot be reset.

4 DC Voltmeter

Setting up the Generator, GenManual 14

• Park the vehicle so that genset exhaust gases disperse away from the vehicle. Barriers such as walls, snow banks, high

grass, brush and other vehicles can cause exhaust gases to accumulate in and around the vehicle.

• Do not operate power ventilators or exhaust fans while the vehicle is standing with the genset running. The ventilator or fan

can draw exhaust gases into the vehicle.

• Always close the rear windows of the vehicle and turn off the roof ventilation fan to avoid exhaust

entering the vehicle's interior. MP?

• Check all CO monitors to assure proper operation.

See below Generator Switch on Monitor Panel.

Start and Stop / Generator Switch on Monitor Panel MP93

• To START the generator,

• First push the bottom of the rocker switch for 5 seconds to PRIME, then push the top of the switch to START.

• The status indicator light on the switch flashes while cranking. It will stay on continuously when the

generator set is running. GenMan14

• The generator set can be cranked for about 30 seconds. After this period, Fault Code 4 (over crank)

will occur. GenMan 14

• Wait 5 seconds for the control to reset before trying again. GenMan 14

• After five tries, let the starter motor cool down for 30 seconds before trying again.GenMan 14

• Allow the generator to run for a couple of minutes before turning on heavy loads such as the air


• For top performance and engine life, especially in colder weather, let the engine warm up for two

minutes before connecting appliances. GenMan14

• To STOP the generator, first shut down all heavy loads, let the generator run for a few minutes to cool down, then press the

STOP (bottom) side of the rocker switch. MP93 and GenManual14

• Restarting the Genset, GenManual14 - If the genset shuts down, disconnect or turn off as many appliances as possible

and try restarting the genset. Reconnect only as many appliances as will not overload the genset or cause the circuit breaker

to trip

Loading the Genset, GenManual15

• The genset can power AC motors, air conditioners, AC/DC converters and other appliances. How much appliance load* can

be powered depends upon the genset power rating. The genset will shut down or its circuit breakers will trip if the sum of the

loads exceeds genset power.

• See Load Chart.

Resetting Circuit Breakers,  GenManual16

Operating in Cold Weather and in Hot Weather, GenManual17


• Monitor Panel - The hour meter keeps track of how many hours your generator has been running. This is important for

servicing intervals

such as oil changes, etc. See your Cummings/Onan generator service manual for details. There is a break-in oil change after

the first 20 to 50 hours of use. You also need to exercise your generator every month by running it for an hour under

moderate load. MP93

•  In order to check the generator oil every 8 hours, you have to crawl under RV to check generator oil every 8 hours of use;

yeah, right [Loe's Jimmy 23Nov15]

• Periodic Maintenance Chart GenManual23


Pick your next generator carefully, Inverter Generators

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