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Coach Batteries

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• Battery type AGM, maintenance free. Battery Capacity 220 amp hours (standard) MP80

• Effective June 2010 all Roadtrek installed batteries are sealed AGM batteries that do no require the addition of water. MP6

The coach batteries in your Roadtrek are sealed AGM batteries. Do not attempt to open them. There is no user maintenance

possible on these batteries except keeping them charged. MP59

• The door just in front of the rear tire on the passenger side is for the batteries. These are maintenance free AGM


• There is no user maintenance possible on these batteries except keeping them charged - you never have to add water to

them. MP38

• Article



Charging the Roadtrek Batteries during low- none- usage


Monitor Panel

• The four indicator lights for the battery are low, fair, good, and charging. Battery voltage dips under load; the greater the load

the greater the voltage dip. A battery under heavy load will show much lower state than one at rest. MP92

Charging your batteries MP59

• Inverter-Charger - Your Roadtrek is equipped with a inverter-charger which converts 120 volt AC (household current) to

12 volts DC when you are connected to shore power or running the optional gasoline generator. This 120 volt power is

used to power your 12VDC appliances as well as charge your batteries. Whenever you are receiving either source of 120 volt

power, you are charging your batteries.

Standard Alternator Charger and Battery Isolator - While driving, your Roadtrek will also charge the coach batteries

from the vehicle alternator through an isolator. The isolator allows extra vehicle alternator-produced electricity to charge your

coach batteries in addition to keeping your engine (chassis) battery charged. When the vehicle engine is not running, it breaks

the electrical connection between your coach batteries and your engine battery, so your engine battery remains charged to

start your engine even though you are using coach battery power while camped. This is all automatic - there are no user

adjustments possible to the isolator.

Battery Separator

Sure Power Industries Inc. Battery Separator Model 1314-200 Information in .pdf

• The Sure Power Industries Inc. Battery Separator is designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority

system to protect the chassis charging system from excessive loading while allowing auxiliary batteries to be charged. The

BATTERY SEPARATOR has two basic operational characteristics: assist in engine starting and protect the charging.


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