Mike is the one in the black flight suit standing in the back.

Mike Girardi

This is Mike’s plane; he is in the back.

Mike's plane is the blue one.

Photos from Mike's plane

Girardi Flyby, 23 September, 2013


Eight planes, organized by the Warrior Flight Team, flew over Arlington National Cemetery on September 23 to honor two service men finally

returned from the Viet Nam War.

Mike Girardi is a private pilot, with his plane and hanger in Manassas, VIRGINIA. He is not a member of the Warrior Flight Team, but

enthusiastically participated with asked. He even hosted the party after the flyby.

Mike's plane is the blue, Aero L-39 Albatros.

In the group photos, he is in the black jumpsuit in the back row.

"Do you want to hear the craziest part, my dad used to fly (he was in WWII) and really was the spark to get my brother interested in flying.

 September 23, the day of the flyover was the 21st anniversary of my father's passing.  I know Dad was in the air with Mike that day."

Jennifer Girardi McCloskey, Mike's younger sister.

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