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Latest update: Sunday, 18 January, 2015

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5333 Connecticut Ave - Cafritz

Grunley General Contractor

Other Companies involved in the construction

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We live directly across the street from the 5333 Connecticut Ave construction site and are enjoying a front-row seat

to a fascinating show; we thought our neighbors might like to join in the fun and education. We started the 5333

Connecticut Ave Building Blog to take advantage of a unique opportunity to watch and learn about building

construction and to learn about live-streaming technology.

No one in our family, our extended family (or our friends that we know of), is working for, has worked for, or is

planning to work for Cafritz or any of their subcontractors or associates, direct or indirect. No one associated with the

Building Blog is being compensated or remunerated in any way by anyone or any organization -- unless you count fun

and knowledge acquisition.

We also run the website of the 5333 Connecticut Neighborhood Coalition at 5333CNC.org, an organization we

support. However, the 5333 Connecticut Ave Building Blog is non-political and is only about the facts and fun of the

construction across the street. There is no covert content, sinister sublimation, or political propaganda involved in the

5333 Connecticut Ave Building Blog.  If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to ask.

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