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View from Floor 8.

Nine floors from Conn. Ave. Blog.

03 Nov 2014

View from the roof

08 Jan 2015

Watch 5333 Connecticut Ave. DC Highrise Rise

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The dinosaurs are not all dead.

I saw one raise its iron head

To watch me walking down the road

Beyond our house today.

Its jaws were dripping with a load

Of earth and grass that it had cropped.

It must have heard me where I stopped,

Snorted white steam my way,

And stretched its long neck out to see,

And chewed, and grinned quite amiably.

Charles Malam


Just for the fun of it, watch the construction

of an all glass, ten story, 263 apartment building at


5333 Connecticut Ave NW, Chevy Chase, Washington DC 20015.


Between Military Road (north) and Kanawha Street (south),


(View Looking East.)


Shows distortion.